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Rotary Valve ECO 

For discharge and dosing of dusty to fine-grained bulk goods, up to a pressure difference of +/- 0,1 barü.

Nominal   sizes Ø :   150,200,250, 300,350,400
Nominal   sizes ■ :   200x200,250x250,300x300,400x400,500x500,630x630
Capacity: (m³/h) 3,0 - 400
Material:  ZS ECO
Housing /   Bearing cover: cast iron/structural steel
Bucket   wheel:          structural steel
Sealing   strips: vulcanized-fabric, structural steel
Temperature:                  T80
Bucket   wheel: WITH   boundry disks
  6,10 pockets
Bearing: outboard   bearings
Shaft   seal: prestressed   soft packing
Transmission: slip on gear mechanism
Wear   protection: -/-